1. Can I get one of your bionic hands?
    Not yet.  We're working very hard to develop our bionic hand and its not yet available. We have released a development robotic hand for researchers and developers called the Brunel Hand but it's not a certified medical device.
  2. When will your bionic hands be available?
    We're going as fast as we can! Unfortunately we can't guarantee a release date but it will certainly be after January 2018.
  3. Can the Brunel Hand be used on humanoid robots and robot arms? 
  4. When can I buy the prosthetic covers? 
    We're shooting for a 2018 release date.
  5. Is the Brunel Hand suitable for limb-different people to wear?
    No. The Brunel Hand is a development version of our robotic hand for researchers and developers. It's not a medical device and is not suitable for limb-different people to wear.
  6. Do you make 3D printed mechanical hands? 
    Not yet. We'll release a mechanical version for people with partial hands in early 2018. 
  7. Do you make prosthetic legs?
    No, we do not make prosthetic legs. We want to expand our product line in the future but for now we're focusing on bionic hands.
  8. How can I help?
    Sign up to our developer community and help us create our open source bionic hand designs! If you're an amputee and want to take part in user-testing sign up to our newsletter. We'll put a call out for volunteers when we're ready for testing. 
  9. Can I apply for an internship at Open Bionics?
    Yes, please see here.
  10. Can I apply for a job at Open Bionics?
    Yes, please see here.
  11. Can you come and give a presentation at our event?
    We have been known to speak at events but our product development takes priority so don't be offended if we say no. You can e-mail us at
  12. Can I invest in Open Bionics?
    Yes please! We're always looking for new investors that want to make a difference with their investment and get a great return. Register your interest here to get updates.
  13. Can you make a prosthetic leg for my dog/cat?
    No, we're investing all of our time in developing bionic limbs for humans and despite what you might think, this is a completely different design challenge.
  14. Can you 3D print me a .... ?
    No, try shapeways or 3DHubs.
  15. We are shooting a documentary, would you like to be involved?
    Potentially. Email chris [at] 
  16. Which 3D printer do you use for prototyping? 
    We use an Ultimaker2 3D printer.
  17. Do you work with prosthetists? 
    Yes. If you're interested in getting involved, please email hello [at]

    *Last updated October 2017. All dates and information given in this FAQ are continually evolving.