Ada Hand 3D Printed Parts


Ada Hand 3D Printed Parts


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Just the 3D Printed parts for the Ada hand. This product includes all of the 3D printed parts required to build an Ada robotic hand, but none of the off the shelf parts that are also required to get the hand moving.

See the Ada product for more information on the full kit.

What's in the box:

  • Ada hand palm (Ninjaflex)
  • Ada hand back (PLA plastic)
  • Ada hand PCB tray upper (PLA plastic)
  • Ada hand PCB tray lower (PLA plastic)

Getting Started:

Hand Type:
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  • 5 degrees of freedom
  • Open source
  • Arduino IDE Compatible
  • USB Programmable

Technical Specifications:

  • Mass: 380g
  • Major Dimensions: 215 x 178 x 58 mm
  • Operating voltage: 12V


Please Note: This work is free to download and use only in accordance with the above license. Open Bionics must be attributed as the original designers and all derivative work must be released with the same license.